What happens when I run out of credits on the Free Plan?

Modified on Tue, 25 Feb 2020 at 01:40 PM

What happens to my timers when my credits reach 0 while I am on the Free Plan?

If you are on the Free Plan and reach the 20,000 credit limit, your timers will no longer appear in your emails.  The timers will be replaced by a 1 pixel dot.

For example:

Timer when your account has credits:

Timer when your account reaches 0 credits:

Note:  Black background is just for illustrative purposes.  Your timer will not have a black background unless that is what you have in your email.

How do I keep my timers active?

You can upgrade your plan at any time!  Click here to go to the Plans page to see what options are available.   To upgrade your account, log in to your dashboard and click 'Plans' on the navigation bar.

When do I get more credits if I stay on the free plan?

The day you signed up for MotionMail is the first day of your billing period.  On the Free Plan you get 20,000 credits per billing period, so once your billing period starts back up, you're timers will render again.

How do I stop a timer from using credits?

You can deactivate your timers by clicking on the Action -> Details button of the timer you wish to deactivate on the dashboard.   On the edit page you will see a 'Deactivate Timer' button in the upper right hand corner.  Click that button to deactivate your timer so it doesn't use any more credits.

Note that once you deactivate a timer it will display these words:  This timer has been deactivated.


What if I don't use all my credits in my billing period?

The Free Plan gives you 20,000 credits to use per month!  If you don't use all your credits in a billing period, your credits are reset to the full 20,000.  It doesn't matter if you use 1 credit or all 20,000 credits, each billing period you will start fresh with a total of 20,000 credits.

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