Follow these steps to create a MotionMail Timer.  When you are finished you will have the embed code necessary to add to your emails.

  1. Sign up for a new MotionMail account at:  If you already have an account, login at
  2. Once logged in you will be taken to your dashboard where you will click the green "Create New Timer" button:

  3. Here you will see the MotionMail Create Timer tool.  Follow steps 4 - 7 to create a timer:

  4. Start by selecting what you want your timer to look like.  You have 4 options:

  5. In the Options section, fill in the Timer Name, End Date and Time, Time Zone, and Language.  If you are on a paid plan you can also turn on Dynamic Local Language that will allows the timer label language to dynamically adapt to the local language:

  6. Now you can update the design of the timer.  Note how the timer will update in the timer preview based on your choices.  You can select 'Day Exclude' to exclude the Days from your timer.  All of the days will be converted to hours:

  7. When you have your timer exactly how you want it, select the 'Save This Timer!' button:

  8. You will now see the Dashboard for this specific timer.   The timer embed code is here as well as the options to Deactivate the timer and Edit the timer.    You can view your 15 day impression summary as well as your timers statics:

  9. The next step is to add the timer to your outgoing email.    Read this article to find out how.

    Congratulations - You have created a MotionMail Timer!