Follow these instructions to add a MotionMail Timer to you email campaign in ConvertKit.    If you have any questions about ConvertKit, please see their support documentation.

Add a timer to a Broadcast or Sequence:

  1. Choose Broadcasts ->  +New Broadcast or Sequence -> + Create Sequence:

  2. Choose the Recipients of the Broadcast or if creating a Sequence, choose the Sequence name:
  3. In the Email Content select the HTML editor (Circled in Red below):

  4. Copy the embed code from your MotionMail Timer.  If you haven't created a timer yet, go to your MotionMail dashboard and create it now:

  5. Paste the embed code from your MotionMail Timer into the HTML.  In the example below you will see I added <center></center> tags around the embed code to center it on the screen and also added style="width:100%; height:auto; to the embed code to make it mobile responsive:

  6. To exit HTML mode click the <> button.  You can see a preview of the email in a Browser or Email by selecting the options on the right side of the screen.  Here is the sample I just created previewed in a browser:

  7. Continue with sending out your Broadcast or Sequence.