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To make a timer that repeats on a consistent basis, such as every 24 hours (ending at the same time every day), follow these steps:

  1. Create a Timer within the dashboard, and pick the first time that you want the timer to end (such as a specific date and time of day).  For example, September 1 at 11pm.
  2. Once you have created the timer, get the Embed Code URL for the timer
  3. Continue below

Once you have your timer URL, you will want to add the "Rep" field to it with a number of hours.  ("Rep" is short for "Repeat")


In this example, the if a user loaded the timer on Monday, they would see that the timer expires at 11pm PST on Monday. If they load it on Tuesday, it would appear to expire at 11pm PST on Tuesday.

By setting different values for how many hours to repeat on, you can get different outcomes for what your users see. Here are some example values that achieve common goals:

Rep Value to Use
Counts down to the same time each day
1 day (24 hours) repeat
Counts down to the top of the hour every hour
1 hour repeat
Counts down to the same time and day each week
24 x 7 hours (1 week in hours)