Plans that support this feature:Startup, Enterprise, and VIP Plans only

This feature allows a small piece of custom code in the e-commerce or email platform to set the end time/date explicitly for a CusID (unique ID).

The advantage of this approach is that the end date/time is set to an exact value before the customer loads the timer. Other ways to have unique timers for a specific customer rely on the first time the customer loads the timer to set the end date/time. For example, if a timer is set to end after 48 hours, 48 hours is calculated from the first time the user OPENS the email and loads the timer image, not when the email is sent.

If you have the ability to load a URL when the purchase completes or the email is sent, you can control this more directly.

Load this URL to set an explicit time:

Each parameter in this URL should be set as follows:

  • ShortUrl - The last part of the timer URL you get when you create a timer (see highlighted part):
  • CusId - The unique value to set the hours remaining for. Commonly an order number, or a combination of a order number and email if needed.
  • Hr - How many hours from now to set the timer to expire in

The URL returns either:

  • "true" - The Evergreen entry has been created successfully
  • "false" - There was an error, either the ShortUrl is invalid, or the CusID already exists