How do I add a timer in Campaign Monitor?

Modified on Tue, 21 Nov 2017 at 10:57 AM

Adding MotionMail timers to Campaign Monitor is different than adding it to other email platforms.   You will be adding the timer as a custom field in your Subscriber List and then adding that field to your campaign.

Follow the steps below to add a MotionMail timer to your Campaign.

  1. Select List & Subscribers from the top navigation in Campaign Monitor:

  2. Choose the list you have associated with the campaign you are sending.   In our example we will be using the 'MotionMail List' we created for this example:

  3. Select your list and select 'Custom Fields' from the right side of the screen (Circled in red below):

  4. Add a new text field called 'Countdown Timer'. Each subscriber on the List will need to have the embed code in their 'Countdown Timer' field:
  5. After clicking the Add custom field button your screen should look like this (You may have more custom fields than we show below):

  6. Click 'Campaigns' in the top navigation and select the campaign you will be adding a MotionMail Timer to:

  7. Select the 'Edit' button located in the content section:

  8. Drag the Text block over to section of the email where you want the timer to appear:

  9. Select Insert -> Custom Fields -> <Your subscriber list with the custom field in it> -> Countdown Timer:

  10. Go back to the overview by selecting 'Return to Snapshot' in the header:

  11. Now let's go back to the List & Subscribers section and select the list that you added the custom field to in Step #2.  In my example I will be going back to the MotionMail List.  (Click List & Subscribers -> 'Your List Name':

  12. Choose Add subscribers.    Each of your subscribers on the list will need to have the embed code in the Countdown Timer field.    Here is an example of how that can be done.  You will copy the embed code and add it to each subscriber.      To make the code responsive, add the styling highlighted in yellow:  <img src="" alt="" style="width:100%; height:auto;"/>   NOTE:  MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR EMBED CODE, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE EMBED CODE SAMPLE HERE.

  13. Select Import these subscribers button and verify each column is associated with the correct field:

  14. Although you cannot view the timer in the Campaign Monitor editor, you will see it when you send the Campaign.  Always make sure to send a test to yourself to verify the timer is how you like it:

  15. Here is how the email looks once sent!

If you need assistance in using Campaign Monitor, please see their support materials here:

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