Follow these instructions to add a MotionMail timer to a template in Klaviyo.  You can also add the timer into your campaign when creating a campaign.

For this example I will use the Newsletter #8/ (Snack w/ Recommendations) template:

Select 'Edit' to edit the template to see the preview below:

Click on the Text Block and drag it to the email preview:

After you insert the block, click to edit it.   A Text Block editor will appear on the left hand side of the screen.

Click on the Source button (Circled in red) to edit the HTML of the text Box:

Copy your embed code like the sample below (Make sure you use your embed code and not the one below!)   You will see that I centered my timer by using <center> tags around the embed code.     Click the blue save button when you are done.

You should now see your timer in your preview.

Continue creating your email as normal and thank you for using MotionMail!